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Welcome to Serene Listings

Welcome to Serene Listings. This is a non-elite directory. You can add as many links as you want. Make sure you read the rules before joining.

Total categories: 42
Total links: 838
Pending links: 13
Random link: Dusk and Summer Designs
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I'm still updating. I also just started a facebook page, it's on the side bar.
Posted on 07 Dec 2011 by Becky
New Category
Seeing that I just started a new site for streaming Anime shows I was looking around at directories and never saw any with just streaming Anime. So if you have a site with just Anime you can watch online, your in luck because I just added the category.
Posted on 28 Jan 2009 by Becky
Updating Information
I just got about 230 bounced back emails. I'm in the process of going through and doing a quick link check to make sure theres no broken links and make sure everyone is linking back. So if you don't see your site here anymore within the next few weeks this is why. If I do delete your site just resubmit it.
Posted on 08 Jul 2008 by Becky
Rule Modification
You must link back to: only. Also if your site is in another language other than English please put them in the language categories. Failing to do so would mean not being approved for the listing. Thanks. smile
Posted on 28 Jun 2007 by Becky
New affiliate
I have one new affiliate SoulKissed Listings. In the next couple weeks I will be checking for dead links or anyone that doesnt link back. If anyone would like to help let me know. There is also a lovely button donation from Emily too. smile
Posted on 09 Dec 2006 by Becky

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