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10˝ Months - Personal site/ blog of a young SAHM, contains much content including 100% mousemade pixels - both for linkware and purchaseware. - Katrina Lynn's personal site with journals, visitor content and a plugboard. Stop in and say hi!

13th_bitch - My Dark poetry

AISHIT3RU - basically a personal site of mine and also contains the fanlistings I've joined.

Americanime - Americanime is a depository of ideas for stories created by me, seraphic*gate. I am an amateur screenwriter and artist with a strong interest in drawing or animating my stories in the anime style.

Amusic20 - My personal website, which includes information about the webmistresses, as well as some interesting reads and more for the visitor, and a collection of all fanlistings joined.

Analytically - A personal site with tons of resources, tutorials, reads, goodies and a pretty interesting blog about the life of a girl using her pen name on the internet.

Anathema - A personal website and weblog belonging to an Australian girl.

Angela's bloggie - A realm belongs to an otaku,known as Angela,where she chats about her thoughts and favorite stuffs such as music,anime, kawaii stuff also pop culture with goodies and cool resources for visitors!

atychiphobic - Just another personal site.

Awfully Pretty - Claudine's personal website/blog, which contains all of her rants about daily life. Come join the crazy ride!

Broken Dreams - A personal site about a teen just trying to get through this crazy world. - personal domain with contents for the visitors

Chiya-pi - Writings, stories, a little bit of art, and a blog

Crazy-Cordy.Net - A domain owned by an army wife with a blog and FREE content for visitors such as pre-made layouts, brushes, textures, PSDs and much more!

Currently Clueless - Stuck in a world where nothing makes sense. Follow my journey (and have a good laugh at me) as I start going to the gym for the first time in my life.

Déluge - Profile, portfolio, etc of my artistic side.

Displayed Essence - Yours truly, a Filipina named Stepfanie. - A personal website that offers graphic design and other services. We also offer various free content including graphics, tutorials, resources, and much more!

Elcee's Realm - Elcee's personal lair where her internet junk lies, from her blog to whatever else she's stored there. - personal blog with content for visitors.

Elindor's Dreams - A personal site showcasing my writing and art as well as my joined and owned fanlistings. - personal site with brushes, fonts, scripts, always updating.

Falling Faster - Personal website with a blog, visitor content, and photos. - Blog with loads of personal and vistor content

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