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100 Pencils - 100 Pencils is a free form, NON-COMMITTAL rpg for people who hate committing to activity. Make it cliché, make it original, dull, extravagant, boring, or innovative. No word requirement, all content allowed, no joining necessary, you post to your muse's desire.

Abeluna - Abeluna is a realistic wolf RPG that was founded in at the very beginning of June 2005, now, over a year later, we are still "going strong," but remain a close and friendly group of people. We welcome players of all skill levels, but strongly improvement. All we ask is that you remain active and have fun, and like in the past, you help shape Abeluna's future.

Aeturnus Noctis - Welcome to Aeturnus Noctis, where the creatures of old walk the Earth; are you one of the Breed?

Age of Darkness - When everything seem to be going just fine for the Xiaolin Dragon’s, unknowingly to them within Chase’s citadel, the Heylin Side have been plotting ways for world concur. Thus meaning that the Heylin Side each teamed up with one another in a plot to defeat the Xiaolin Dragon’s when the Heylin Comet appeared it was their time to strike. Now, the Xiaolin Warrior’s face a terrible disaster as their home had been destroyed and are now off into hiding only to await the day where new Xiaolin Dragon’s will appear...

Akosius - Akosius is a brand new breed of RPG, a blend of Elemental and Mythical equines with no hint of normality anywhere in the near future. It's fairly new but proves to be great fun.

Allium - The airplanes. It's the only way off the island and it's crashed and burned. Contact with the outside world is slowly diminishing. Their only source has betrayed them, and the only way to survive the island is a simple code held by the enemy. 00-89-06-04-67

Amortentia - Amortentia, a Harry Potter play by post role-playing game. The second dark war is still waging and it seems like this time dark will prevail over light. Follow the lives of students within Hogwarts as another year starts up again. New battles they must face, new people come into power, and most of all, find out who can finally tame Nicco from dancing on the tables.

Angel Fall - The largest, oldest, most active, and best Angelic Layer forum-based RPG on the web!

Anthora - A portal hidden in a deserted allyway leads to the magical world of Anthora, where players can role play anytype of magical creature possible. In Anthora all things are not calm as the goblin king plots to overthorw the other kingdoms and the fairy king comes down with a mysterious illness. On the other side, the human world miscievious faeries cause havoc in the humans town.

Archaia - Archaia is mythical rp primarily based on horses, but with permission we allow other species as well. Archaia has a level system, battle experience, quests with experience, and magic. We also have elemental Gods/Goddess' and friendly players.

Asteria - Asteria is a brand new realistic wolf rpg. Members have the power to create the story to further Asteria. We are in need of members, so why don't you come check us out?

Avengers Rising - Avengers Rising is a Marvel based play by post role playing game. Following the continuity of the movies Iron Man, Iron Man II, Thor, and Captain America, this is a intermediate writing site with mature adult players looking to tell new interesting stories with characters we know and love while maintaining the integrity of those characters and have fun doing it.

Ballads and Legends - A Tortall-based Roleplay set in 496 H.E. The Old Ones are now lifted from the dread of the gods, and are beginning a return to the surface -- is it worth it?

Biladeau's School for the Gifted - Life is uncertain now in the modern day as Gifted fight for their basic freedoms and struggle to be seen as sentient beings not resources to be exploited. Biladeau's School has served as a safe haven for Gifted for generations, and a home base for three major gifted factions- Defenders, Fighters, and Hunters -as they fight for change. As times get tougher, however, every gifted wants to know- What will happen to us now?

Broken Plates - A post-Harry Potter roleplay site. Make your character anything from student to centaur, and watch the magic unfold.

Cause & Effect - Cause & Effect is an advanced Fey/Faerie RPG played in a yahoo group. The RPG evolves around the events in the Unseelie Court after the arrival of the Princess from the rival Seelie Court.

Chara - A fantasy site centered around a war between Vampires and Shifters for the well being of the Human race. Mythicals, such as unicorns, dragons and such are allowed to be role played as well as witches, wizards, humans, vampires, shifters and normal animals you'd find roaming Earth today.

Charmed Role Play Central - A Charmed Role-Play site where you can be characters from the show, or make up your own. Read the rules, apply and once your accepted - get role-playing!

Children of Winter - A land located near the north ice cap, a land so treacherous and so dangerous that man dare not read there. But alas, some curious scientists have found their way against unbelievable odds to the land of Vamora, a place of eternal winter. But they aren't the only habitants of this new discorvery; wolves, bears, and other creatures have lived here for centuries. The humans keep their distance from the animals, and they all play out their own lives as one after another a history unfolds. And were will you be when it does? Alive? Or dead?

Cirrye Academy - Welcome to Cirrye Academy. A modern boarding school for the gifted which facilitates the learning of many creatures ranging from humans to elves, and many more.

crimson kiss - a vampire rpg - Watchers try to keep vampire slayers out of danger, while vampire slayers attempt to keep humans out of danger. Vampires, however, aren't all bad, and try to protect themselves. Who are you? Who do YOU protect?

C'est la Vie - A Real Life RPG set in a made-up town in south-eastern France.

Dark Pretenses - Hidden in every country are vampires, witches and shapeshifters, supernatural creatures that look human. They are everyhere, and most humans have no idea they exist. Every year the University and older students welcome the first years to the University in the week before classes officially begin. This year not everyone is celebrating; two vampires and one shapeshifter have been found dead. It appears that a group of hunters has joined Reading University, leaving the supernatural creatures worried, suspicious and out for revenge.

Deo Vindice - A Civil War play-by-post RPG set in the southern town of Grayson City.

Deus Canis Lupis - Fantasy Wolf Role-play

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