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2361 - 2361 is a personal blog and site maintained by chewy, a crazed graphics designer and perfectionist. This site was created due to chewy's excessive boredom and the need for blogging...

Amorous - The musings and ramblings of an 18-year-old college student

Antikythera - Project 365 Photoblog of a socially cynical eighteen year old girl. Graphic and Photography tutorials and reference, amusing blog. Updated Daily!

Apanda Secrets - A place to share my thoughts and to view the work of a not so bad graphic designer

Beauty Thesis - The experimentation and exploration of a makeup addict. [It's not an addiction.. rather it's a moderate obsession. ;)]

Biologos - Blog dedicated the topics of religion and science and how they co-exist. - Personal Blog. Providing some visitor content, as well as hosting. - A personal web blog featuring writings on hot-button issues.

Daily Brainz - Daily Brainz is a compilation of different news that sparks interest and maybe even a subject to conversation

dead roses - the diary of a girl

digitaly nichole - A simple blog of a 24 married college girl.

Dreaming Forever - Personal site with blog, fanfiction, and other fiction.

Ever After - This is a personal site created for your and my entertainment. You can find jokes, reviews, web & personal computer tips and lots more here.

Fluorescent-Skies.ORG - The random thoughts and rants of a twentysomething.

For The Record - Just a simple blog about me and my daily rants :)

FrenchKitten - The name is Ranee the site is frenchkitten. In depth look at my rants and raves, enjoy! - A personal weblog of a college student who blogs about various topics - above and beyond the typical musings about daily life.

Hello-karyn - Just a blog about a 23 year old published author and mental health consumer.

Honoka Memoirs - The blog of an ordinary teenage girl in a not-so-ordinary world. Discover the world that abducted her.

Jottings of a Fashionista - Fashion blog with my thoughts on all aspects of fashion, including news and trends.

Just Call Me Mama - The semi-daily goings-on of married life with a preschooler.

Lady Ooh LaLa - Personal blog of a 90s baby talking about life, love, and pain. I have visitor content which builds every week, and it is a master reseller so I plan on selling shared and reseller domain hosting.

Layla In Disguise - The Ranting Domain of a Chinese Princess.

LOVE & the City - This site is packed with my own personal blog, archives, interesting stories and literature, an inexpensive design site, free sources, beauty tutorials, and other visitor content!

Lovestarr Notebook - The personal everyday ramblings of a starving artist.

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