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Almost Nostalgic - A clique for old school personal blogs.

Boxed To Go - A clique for those that adore pagoda boxes and everything that goes in them!

dreads - Clique for people with dreadlocks.

Hoist Your Colours - A pirate name clique.

I Love My Siblings - A clique to show your love for your siblings, be it brother, sister, step bro/sis, half bro/sis or the like.

I Play WoW - A website clique for players of the game World of Warcraft.

Miss - The Hottest Ladies Only Group On the Net!

Perfection - Perfection is a collection of top-quality websites and like-minded designers.

Respect My Work - It's a clique to claim the respect of our artistic work.

Silver Haired Bishies Clique - This site is build for all the Silver Haired Bishies lovers out there. If you love one or 20 this is the site for you.So come join today!

Sinful - A non-elite clique based on the Seven Deadly Sins.

So Lovely - A clique for ones who have or love those baby creatures.

The Omes - A clique for people who are the opposite of emos.

The Tea Clique - A clique for people and their websites who and which are warm, like tea.