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Art Box - This is the archive where you will find icons of all my fandoms, with more of 1000 pieces and always growing.

Beautiful Sin Blog and Design Resources - A mixture of Faith's everyday ranting and all the neat designer freebies she makes (Photoshop Brushes, Graphics, Wordpress Themes) or finds on the web including design resource lists. I take requests!

Between the Rain Drops - A personal/graphics site with a bunch of goodies for you such as free layouts, brushes, textures, etc.

Bullet Web Design - Offers Web Design Service.

Cake Slice - Graphics, tutorials, neopets things, reads, and more.

Carmello Designs - Caramello Designs is your distinct design resource that will fill [your] graphic design appetite!

Celeb Galleries, Candid Pictures - We provide high quality celebrity photos and paparazzi shots documenting the lives of the rich and famous.

Charm Royal - Charm Royal is your number one source for the most high quality MySpace stuff, various graphics, cute cartoon dolls, and much more for your profile on the web!

Chastise Designs - Chastise Designs is a site dedicated to providing its visitors with quality graphics ranging from premades to avatars. The webmistresses are Mercedes, Arianne and Virginia.

Childish - A fairly new graphics site with contests and interactions.

Classy Blends - CLASSY BLENDS! A brand new blend challenge site! BE CLASSY and come sumbit your blends! :)

Collision Designs - High quality celebrity graphics, layouts, banners - all at affordable prices!

Confetti! - Anime, video game and movie icon collection a variety of 100x100 icons.

Crystallized-Layouts - A site for graphics and layouts made especially for you!

Cupcake Crave - A great source for cartoon dolls, graphics, things for your site, and more

Darkly Devious - Offering layouts, wallpapers, icons and graphics for free, with no downloading. Just right click, save as.

Deadly Nightshade - A graphic design website that provides free quality made website templates, resources, graphics, and more.

Dreaming You - Your source for quality graphics and designs. You'll find premade layouts, photoshop brushes, textures and more. Just read the terms of use and enjoy.

Dumago Designs - Dumago Designs is a site with more to offer. Tutorials, Downloads and much more...

Dusk and Summer Designs - A fast, high quality design site with really low prices.

Elvish Enterprises, Inc. - Graphic Resource site that includes fonts, textures, tutorials, icons, pre-made layouts, custom made layouts, and much more.

Enchanted Designs - Enchanted Designs offers quality graphics, including layouts, PNGs, templates and more. - is a webdesign site where you can order graphics to your website. The site is on Danish and English just click on the flags to change the language.

Exotic - my wallpapers website.

Flurderoy Designs - A visitor-friendly design and graphic display site offering stock photography, free layouts for websites and myspace, graphics, and other goodies. Personalized layouts for any media are also available for order if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind look! ...Well worth a visit!

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